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80 2020.07.02 News Medical Remote Specimen Collection Robot Eliminates Contact Between Medical Personnel and Patients
79 2020.07.01 GreenPort (Mercator Media) BUSAN CUTS HARMFUL DUST LEVELS
78 2020.06.30 PortNews BPA Attempts to Cut Fine Dust Level in Busan Port by Developing Green Equipment
77 2020.06.28 detikInet Tes Swab Corona Akan Dilakukan Oleh Robot (Corona Swab Test Will Be Performed By Robot)
76 2020.06.27 Tudo do Bem Cientistas criam robô capaz de fazer testes do covid-19 (Scientists Create Robot Capable of Testing COVID-19)
75 2020.06.26 The Science Times Korean Scientists Develop COVID-19 Testing Bots as Health Care Workers Substitute: Watch How It Works
74 2020.06.26 SEOULZ Top 10 Korean Technologies to Watch out for in 2020
73 2020.06.26 A Tribuna Pesquisadores criam robô para fazer testes da Covid-19 e evitar contaminação em médicos (Researchers Create Robot to Make COVID-19 Tests and Prevent Contamination in Doctors)
72 2020.06.25 Daily Mail Coronarvirus Testing Bot Probes the Nose with an Incredibly Long Stick Through Movements of a Human Operator Who Can 'Feel' the Procedure Using a Joystick
71 2020.06.24 Evening Standard Robots Offer a Contact-free Way of Getting Swabbed for Coronavirus
70 2020.06.23 Yonhap News Agency Sample Collection Robot (Photo_2)
69 2020.06.23 Yonhap News Agency Sample Collection Robot (Photo_1)
68 2020.06.23 Pressetext Corona: Koreaner bauen Nasenabstrich-Roboter (Corona: Koreans Build Nasal Swab Robots)
67 2020.06.23 Korea Biomedical Review Researchers Develop Robot-aided Remote Sampling of COVID-19
66 2020.06.23 Yonhap News Agency Mise au point d'un robot de prélèvement utilisable pour les tests de dépistage (Development of a Sampling Robot Usable for Screening Tests)
65 2020.06.23 - [KIMM Press Release] KIMM Develops Remote Specimen Collection Robot
64 2020.04.13 Eng News 24H There's Nothing You Can't Hold on to 'Humanoid Robot Hand'
63 2020.03.25 Aju Business Daily S.Korea Works on Standardized Performance Certification of Mobile Negative-Pressure Equipment
62 2020.02.20 Robotics Research Robotic Hand Can Handle Eggs, Cut Paper with Scissors
61 2020.02.17 Tek.id Selain kuat, robot ini bisa tuang air dan main piano (Besides Being Strong, This Robot Can Pour Water and Play the Piano)