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20 2018.12.12 Yonhap News Agency [Photo] Smart Artificial Leg Commercialized 1
19 2018.12.11 Aju Business Daily S. Korean Research Institute Commercializes Viable Smart Prosthetic Leg
18 2018.12.10 - [KIMM Press Release] Wounded While Defending Nation - Walking again, Thanks to New Machinery
17 2018.08.25 The Dong-A Ilbo 有了针贴,和注射针头说再见 (With the Development of New Needle Patch, Say Goodbye to the Injection Needle)
16 2018.07.31 The Dong-A Ilbo Korean Researchers Develop the World's First DNA Needle Patch
15 2018.07.31 Aju Business Daily Research Firm Wins State Approval to Commercialize Dissolvable Microneedle Patches
14 2018.07.30 - [KIMM Press Release] 成功量产全球首款纳米DNA微针贴片 - 政府企业共同出资成立ADM Bioscience(株) (Successful Mass Production of the World's First DNA Needle Patch - ADM Bioscience)
13 2018.07.04 Business Korea The Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials Join Hands with Czech Partners
12 2018.05.27 NGV Global News LNG Bunkering Infrastructure Firmly on South Korea’s Agenda
11 2017.12.27 Korea Joongang Daily [Photo] Catching Up Quick
10 2017.11.27 The Korea Bizwire S. Korean Institute Develops Remote Ultrasound Diagnostic System
9 2017.09.25 LED Inside KIMM Advances Roll Transfer Technology to Expedite Mass Production of Micro LED
8 2017.09.06 The Korea Bizwire “Triple Threat” Greenhouse Engine Developed
7 2017.07.25 Arirang Korean Researchers to Mass Produce Micro-LED
6 2017.07.25 Digitimes KIMM Succeeds in Producing Micro LED Panels Using Roll-to-Roll Transfer Technology
5 2017.07.25 LED-100.com 韩KIMM研发Micro LED量产制造新技术 (KIMM Develops New Technology for Micro LED Mass Production)
4 2017.07.25 iXBT.com Специалисты KIMM смогли ускорить производство панелей Micro-LED в 1000 раз (KIMM Specialists Accelerate the Production of Micro-LED Panels by 1000 Times)
3 2017.07.24 - [KIMM Press Release] KIMM Advances Mass Production of Next-generation Display
2 2017.07.24 Business Korea [Business Korea] KIMM Develops Technology to Produce Micro LEDs
1 2017.05.17 The Korea Bizwire New Technology Drastically Reduces Fine Dust Emissions from Thermal Power Plants