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240 2021.10.02 TechSmart They create a battery that retracts imitating the movement of the snake’s scales
239 2021.10.02 IndustryTap This New Battery Inspired By Scales Can Bend and Stretch Like A Snake
238 2021.10.01 TechNews 以蛇鱗為靈感,科學家研發可任意拉長、伸縮鋰離子電池方案(Inspired by snake scales, scientists have developed a lithium-ion battery solution that can be stretched and stretched arbitrarily)
237 2021.10.01 DunyaNews Flexible, stretchable battery designed on snake structural characteristics
236 2021.10.01 Futuroprossimo Corea, test per batterie modulari che si muovono come scaglie di serpente (Korea, tests for modular batteries that move like snake scales)
235 2021.09.30 ChemEurope.com A flexible, stretchable battery capable of moving smoothly like snake scales
234 2021.09.30 TECHEBLOG Researchers Develop Snake Scale-Inspired Flexible, Stretchable Battery for Soft Robots and Energy Storage
233 2021.09.30 EconoTimes S. Korean scientists develop a flexible battery that stretches like a snake
232 2021.09.30 Chemie.de Eine flexible, dehnbare Batterie, die sich wie Schlangenschuppen bewegen kann(A flexible, stretchable battery that can move like snake scales)
231 2021.09.30 Quimica.es Una batería flexible y estirable capaz de moverse suavemente como las escamas de una serpiente (A flexible and stretchable battery capable of moving smoothly like a snake's scales)
230 2021.09.30 Knowledge Worms မြွေကြေးခွံ ကဲ့သို့ ကျုံ့နိုင် ဆန်နိုင်တဲ့ ဘတ္ထရီအကြောင်း (About A Battery That Can Shrink Like A Snake Shell)
229 2021.09.30 RS News Inspired by snakes, bill-eating batteries are made
228 2021.09.29 Korea Bizwire S. Korean Scientists Develop Flexible, Stretchable Battery
227 2021.09.29 Aju Business Daily State researchers develop flexible battery shaped like snake scale capable of moving
226 2021.09.29 gagadget.com The scaly nature of snakeskin will serve as the basis for flexible batteries
225 2021.09.29 hackster.io Flexible Battery, Inspired by Snake Scales, Shows Promise for Soft Robots and Wearables
224 2021.09.29 InceptiveMind Flexible, stretchable battery bends and stretches like a snake scale
223 2021.09.29 New Atlas Scale-inspired battery stretches and bends like a snake
222 2021.09.29 Morning News A flexible, stretchable battery capable of moving smoothly like snake scales
221 2021.09.29 Business Insider "No es una serpiente, es un robot: esta polivalente tecnología coreana podría salvar vidas en un desastre o emergencia (It's not a snake, it's a robot: this multipurpose Korean technology could save lives in a disaster or emergency)"