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200 2021.09.28 Opera News KIMM develops a flexible, stretchable battery capable of moving smoothly like snake scales
199 2021.09.28 E&T Megazine Battery bends and stretches like a snake
198 2021.09.28 The Hack Posts A versatile, stretchable battery capable of moving smoothly like snake scales
197 2021.09.28 LatestPageNews Flexible, stretchable battery, inspired by snake scales, developed in Korea
196 2021.09.28 The NerdsWire A flexible one, expandable battery, which can move smoothly like snake scales
195 2021.09.28 TECHGZ This new snake-like robot can help you save your life
194 2021.09.28 LoveByLife Korean scientists have been able to move the engine’s stretchable battery like snake scales
193 2021.09.28 wissenschaft-x.com Dieser neue schlangenähnliche Roboter könnte Ihr Leben retten (This new snake-like robot could save your life)
192 2021.09.16 - [KIMM Press Release] KIMM’s Development of Scalable Microfluidic Chip Technology Paves the Way for the Mass-production of Liposomes, a Key Biomaterial
191 2021.09.16 Aju Business Daily Researchers ready to commercialize technology for mass production of liposomes
190 2021.09.16 Business Korea KIMM Develops Scalable Mmicrofluidic Chip Technology
189 2021.09.08 SOLARIFY Die neue Alchemie der Kohlenstoffneutralität(The new alchemy of carbon neutrality)
188 2021.09.05 Thorium Baby Ammonia Soon From The Plasma Reactor
187 2021.09.04 MarketresearchTelecast Ammonia soon from the plasma reactor
186 2021.09.03 Heise Online Ammoniak bald aus dem Plasma-Reaktor(Ammonia soon from the plasma reactor)
185 2021.08.26 - [KIMM Press Release] From Diagnosis to Rehabilitation, a Single Device to Manage the Chronic Respiratory Diseases!
184 2021.08.26 Business Korea KIMM Develops a Complex Breath Analysis System
183 2021.08.24 ChemEurope The new alchemy in carbon neutrality: turning water into ammonia with only renewable energy!
182 2021.08.21 Engineering360 New process produces ammonia with zero carbon emissions
181 2021.08.20 AZO Cleantech Innovative Ammonia Production Process Could Contribute to Achieving Carbon Neutrality in Future