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100 2020.10.12 SEOULZ Top 10 Korean Technologies to Watch out for in 2020
99 2020.09.23 Medium Technology on COVID-19 and New Normal
98 2020.09.11 Tek Deeps The Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials Develops ‘Modular AI Autonomous Working Robot’
97 2020.08.13 Aju Business Daily POSCO Energy Demonstrates Plasma Treatment to Reduce NOx at LNG Power Plant
96 2020.07.22 MAV Innovation in der spanenden Fertigung IFW Hannover erforscht Lösungen für autonome Bearbeitungs roboter Sensorik für mobile Werkzeugmaschinen (IFW Hannover Researches Solutions for Autonomous Processing Robot Sensors for Mobile Machine Tools)
95 2020.07.20 Engineering 360 How AI Is Being Used to Fight COVID-19
94 2020.07.15 Tek Deeps Mechanics and Industry-University Research Teams Develop Hydrogen Gas Turbines for Power Generation
93 2020.07.10 WIRED.IT Il robot per fare i tamponi in remoto (The Robot for Taking Swabs Remotely)
92 2020.07.08 Dnevni avaz Robot uzima bris nosa: Cilj eliminisati direktan kontakt pacijenta i liječnika (The Robot Takes a Nasal Swab: The Goal Is to Eliminate Direct Contact Between the Patient and the Doctor)
91 2020.07.06 DailyGizmo เกาหลีพัฒนา หุ่นเก็บ SWAB ควบคุมระยะไกล ป้องกันติดเชื้อ (Korea Developed a Remote-controlled SWAB Collection Robot to Prevent Infection)
90 2020.07.06 Palo Ρομπότ για λήψη δειγμάτων από ασθενείς (Robots for Taking Samples from Patients)
89 2020.07.06 Vesti.ru Создан робот для дистанционного сбора анализов на опасные инфекции (Robot for Remote Collection of Tests for Dangerous Infections)
88 2020.07.06 KIJK Robot maakt coronatest op afstand mogelijk (Robot Enables Remote Corona Test)
87 2020.07.05 Whatnext Oto robot dla lekarzy na miarę postpandemicznego świata (Here's a Post-Pandemic World Robot for Doctors)
86 2020.07.04 engadget 韓国で感染検査用サンプル採取ロボット開発。遠隔操作で医療関係者のリスク軽減 (A Sampling Robot for Infection Inspection Developed in Korea. Risk Reduction for Medical Personnel by Remote Control)
85 2020.07.03 Port Technology Busan Port Authority and Hyundai to Cut Emissions with Green Technology
84 2020.07.03 New Atlas Sampling Robot Lets Clinicians Keep Their Distance from Infected Patients
83 2020.07.02 AAAS EurekAlert! KIMM Develops Remote Specimen Collection Robot
82 2020.07.02 Tech Xplore Team Develops Remote Specimen Collection Robot