Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials 2022 News Letter /  Vol.06Recent ResearchesResearch AchievementsResearch Artworks[KIMMterviewAn interview with Dr. Jamsran Narankhuu
   Current KIMM Post-Doctoral researcher,
   working at the Department of Plasma Engineering,
   Eco-Friendly Energy Conversion Research Division
   of KIMM Institute of Carbon Neutral Energy Machinery[About KIMM]The Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM) is a non-profit government-funded research institute under the Ministry of Science and ICT. Since its foundation in 1976, KIMM is contributing to economic growth of the nation by performing R&D on key technologies in machinery and materials, conducting reliability test evaluation, and commercializing the developed products and technologies.[Vision & Strategy]Research Institute for the People Challenging for the 
Future of Humanity
Beyond the Technological Innovation
Supreme R&D For Humanity - Conduct Effective Research for Humanity
Inspiration For future - Suggest the Future of Mechanical Technology
Together+ - Together with Our Customers+Research AreasKorea-US Industrial Technology Cooperation Forum 
Fast-foward into the Tech Future for the Next Frontier
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				An interview with Prof. Yuan-Zhu Xin
   Former KIMM Post-Doctoral researcher,
   who now works at the Jilin University of China
   as an assistant professor. His main research topics are
   3D Bioprinting and Biomechanics View more View More Advanced Manufacturing Systems Research Division Nano-Convergence Manufacturing Systems Research Division Energy Systems Research Division Environment System Research Division Mechanical Systems Safety Research Division Daegu Research Center for Medical Devices and Green Energy AI Robot Research Division Busan Machinery Research Center KIMM TECHNOLOGIES Go to Top