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President’s Greetings
The Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials, leading K-Machine,
will become a world-class mechanical research institute!

Since its foundation in 1976, the Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM) has been supporting the development of Korea’s economy while driving the growth of the nation’s manufacturing and mechanical industries. KIMM has enhanced its comprehensive capabilities in areas such as carbon neutrality, climate technology, energy conversion, and mobility so that it can take the lead in global issues. KIMM will enhance the mechanical technology, which has further served as a platform for innovation and convergence as a foundational technology for all industries, to play a central role in overcoming new changes and drive the growth of Korea. In addition, in order to realize the four core values, so-called 'VVIP', VOC, Value Creation, Integrity, and Pioneer, we would establish a super-gap R&D leadership and advanced R&D system and organization. We will also leap forward as a global No. 1 comprehensive mechanical research institute by promoting and accelerating technology commercialization and technology transfer, and securing a quantum jump foundation. We promise to create the new brand of “Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials” that changes the world. Through challenging and creative approach we will research technologies essential for humanity and our future beyond the national economic growth. Thank you.

President, Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials
Dr. Seoghyeon Ryu서명