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Research AreasEco-Friendly Energy Conversion Research Division
List of Technologies

KIMM Institute of Carbon Neutral Energy Machinery

The KIMM Institute of Carbon Neutral Energy Machinery conducts research on the proprietary technology and commercialization of core machinery for the production, conversion, storage and utilization of zero-carbon energy. As a national research institute, we also provide policy planning/development and industrial supports for the energy and environment areas.

Eco-Friendly Energy Conversion Research Division

The Eco-Friendly Energy Conversion Research Division researches the high efficient and clean environmental technologies to cope with air pollution, global warming and other environmental issues. Our division has the core environmental technologies in plasma, air • water treatment, gas turbines, engines, combustors, and so on; based on these technologies, we are developing highly-efficient and environmentally friendly power generation systems for the future.

Department of Sustainable Environment Research

Research Topics

  • Air pollution reduction technologies for fine particles, hazardous gases and bio-aerosols
  • Air pollution exposure control technologies for personal protection
  • Harmful gas treatment technologies in low carbon power plants
  • Advanced technology for water purification and waste water treatment
  • Membrane-based desalination

Major Achievements

Electrostatic mist eliminator to reduce fine particles emitted in coal - fired power plants

Improvement of particle contaminants removal efficiency by more than 10 times using the eliminator with high-flow rigid discharge electrodes electrostatic precipitation.

Department of Zero-carbon Fuel and Power Generation

Research Topics

  • Low emission combustor for power- & aero-gas turbine
  • Fuel cell / electrolysis system and BOP technology
  • Sustainable agricultural energy system technology
  • Chemical recycling / energy recovery of biomass and waste

Major Achievements

Domestic development of low emission gas turbine combustor for large – scale industrial power plants (reducing NOx and ultrafine particles)

Korea’s first practice of commercializing gas turbine combustors for large-scale power plant applications to improve fuel mixing of gas turbine burners and prevent combustion instability through detailed design of burners.

Department of Mobility Power Research

Research Topics

  • Carbon-free fuel power system development
  • After-treatment of mobility exhaust and non-exhaust emissions
  • Core part technology for carbon-free fuel supply system
  • High efficiency mobility power device technology
  • Mobility waste heat recovery and utilization technology

Major Achievements

H2 direct injection engine

By directly fueling H2 to the combustion chamber of an engine, more than 30% of power increase can be achieved resolving abnormal combustion problems compared to port fuel injection.

Department of Plasma Engineering

Research Topics

  • Energy conversion • storage • resource technologies using plasmas
  • Environmental technologies for reducing fine particle • odor • pollutant
  • Chemical conversion and processing technologies
  • Semiconductor-Display manufacturing and plasma process • equipment technologies for environmental devices
  • Emerging industries (medical, public health, agri-food, etc.) with plasma application

Major Achievements

Low - pressure plasma technology for eco - friendly semiconductor processing

An innovative technology that reduces pollutants emission from the semiconductor processing by applying a plasma reactor before a vacuum pump. It enables eco-friendly processing, preventing safety- related accidents and extending the lifespan of vacuum pumps in the processing lines.