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Research AreasDaegu Research Center for Medical Devices and Green Energy
List of Technologies

Daegu Research Center for Medical Devices and Green Energy

The Daegu Convergence Technology Research Center was established in order to participate in the government’s policy that fosters specialized local industries and leads industries towards making a regional hub for their growth. The center is carrying out research to develop medical devices and medical assistant robots, especially for the disabled and senior citizens. The center also provides technical assistance to corporations in Daegu Metropolitan City and Gyeongbuk Province, thereby fostering the development of small and medium enterprises.

Department of Medical Device

Research Topics

  • Automated system technology for POC (Point-of-Care) diagnostics
  • Fully integrated cartridge system and micro-fluid control technology for molecular diagnostics
  • Design and fabrication technology for biochip and biosensor system
  • Tele-medical imaging and diagnostic system

Major Achievements

Fully Automated Molecular Diagnostic Device

A cartridge-based platform was developed to perform fully automated sample preparation, amplification, and analysis of nucleic acids. This system provides rapid and reproducible molecular diagnosis for POC (Point-of-Care) diseases.

Department of Medical Assistant Robot

Research Topics

  • Mechanism and drive module for rehabilitation and surgical robots
  • Human-machine interface technology
  • Mobility enhancement technologies for senior or disabled citizens
  • Rehabilitation and sports equipment using bio-signals

Major Achievements

Robotic Ankle-Foot Prostheses for Lower Limb Amputees

This is a design, analysis, and testing technology for lightweight gearboxes for aircraft. This technology can be applied to design and analyze the power transmission layout, the elements such as gears and bearings, the hydraulic equipment for cooling and lubrication, and the performance and durability test, considering the high-speed operating condition of the gearbox. This technology can be extended to other high speed applications such as electric cars.