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Research AreasDaegu Research Center for Medical Devices and Green Energy
List of Technologies

Daegu Research Center For Medical Devices & Green Energy

The Daegu Research Center for Medical Devices and Green Energy focuses on researches associated with medical devices and medical robots with an aim to improve the quality of people's life, and also to play an important role in advancing medical technology and promoting mechanical-manufacturing industry of Daegu-Gyeongbuk region in accord with government policy.

Department of Medical Device

Research Topics

  • On-site diagnosis platform for rapid and automated disease detection
  • All-in-one cartridge system integrated with microfluidic control technology for molecular diagnosis
  • Bio-chip and bio-sensor design • fabrication technology
  • Analysis of biosignals and biomechanics

Major Achievements

“Point - of - care (POC)” molecular diagnostics system

A fully automatic device for nucleic acid extraction, amplification, and detection, which carries all-in-one molecular diagnostic cartridges with all the necessary reagents for fast and accurate on-site disease inspection.

Department of Medical Robotics

Research Topics

  • Mechanisms and actuators for rehabilitation and surgical robots
  • High-precision and high-sensitive medical robot control
  • Tele-operated medical robots
  • Physical assistant robots

Major Achievements

Ankle - type robotic prostheses for amputees

Ankle-type robotic prostheses to enable natural walking with light weight by controlling the torque and angle of the ankle joints.