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Research AreasAI Robot Research Division
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AI Robot Research Division

For a future where humans and robots coexist, we are developing AI-based autonomous manipulation technology for the next generation robots, human-robot cooperation technology, key component technology that determines the performance of robots, innovative design technology and robot application technology using it.

Department of robotics and mechatronics

Research Topics

  • Next generation industrial robot & human-robot cooperation technology
  • Wearable robot & human support robot technology
  • Innovative robot design & robot core parts technology
  • Robot application & industrial process standardization technology

Major Achievements

Robot core parts for next-generation robots

Robot core parts developed to secure the competitiveness of future robots, such as the all-round gripper capable of handling objects of all shapes, the robot hand capable of handling everyday tools, the artificial muscle-based cloth-type actuator for the implementation of a suit-type robot and the harmonic reducer design & performance prediction software.

Multi-arm robot technology for high-difficulty tasks

In order to develop robots that can perform difficult tasks that cannot be implemented using existing robots, we developed dual-arm robot technology that can perform assembly tasks using both arms like a human and we also developed an intelligence-based control technology for multi robots that can handle parts that change shape, such as cables.

Department of AI Machinery

Research Topics

  • AI-based mechanical systems
  • Logistics robot capable of autonomous manipulation
  • AI technology for public safety
  • Magnetic levitation and linear drive technology

Major Achievements

AI-based autonomous technology for mechanical systems

AI-based autonomous technology development for mechanical systems that can move by itself in dynamic and unstructured environments and perform various tasks such as transferring goods, using tools, and collaborating with humans and robots.