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Research AreasVirtual Engineering Platform Research Division
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Virtual Engineering Platform Research Division

The Virtual Engineering Platform Research Division develops technology used to design, analyze, and evaluate large and complex mechanical system, digital twin, and integrated operation platform technology based on virtual engineering and AI technology to achieve digital transformation. Our main research areas include naval vessels, power generation systems, industrial machinery, plant and shipboard mechanical parts and equipment, mechanical system safety and reliability, autonomy, and virtual, augmented, and mixed reality.

Virtual Engineering Research Center

Research Topics

  • Machine safety and prognostics and health management AI
  • Digital twins for dynamic systems
  • Multiphysics modeling, simulation, and evaluation techniques for complex mechanical systems

Major Achievements

AI-based smart valve

Developed to quickly detect and block leaks caused by unexpected pipe damage during combat on naval vessels, maintaining pipe function.

Department of Industrial Machinery DX

Research Topics

  • Digital transformations for smart industrial machines
  • Digital transformations and evaluation of powertrains
  • XR-based industrial machine virtualization

Major Achievements

Real-time environmental perception

Developed real-time, high-performance perception technology, such as sensor protection and cleaning modules and sensor signal noise removal technology to estimate atmospheric dust, snow, and rain content and determine traversibility, even in environments with negative obstacles , such as cliffs and pits.

Department of Reliability

Research Topics

  • Reliability engineering digital transformation technologies, such as prognostics and health management, DfR, and AI
  • Reliability assessment standards and equipment related to performance, environmental compatibility, safety, and lifespan
  • Reliability technical support based on failure analysis, accelerated life testing, and system reliability analysis

Major Achievements

Domestic reliability assurance technology for components and equipment in complex mechanical systems

Developed over 460 reliability evaluation criteria and more than 160 reliability assessment devices that can be used to determine product reliability. Recently, we established the KIMM Cyber Lab virtual engineering platform, which is based on open-source CAD, CAM, structural, fluid, and dynamic analysis SW and promotes reliable design through free distribution and education.