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Research AreasNano-Convergence Manufacturing Systems Research Division
List of Technologies

KIMM Institute of Manufacturing Systems

The KIMM Institute of Manufacturing Systems conducts research on the original technology and commercialization for manufacturing equipments, focusing on the smart advanced-manufacturing equipments for existing key industries as well as on the nano-convergence-based new future industrial manufacturing equipment. We also develop policies for the manufacturing equipment and support industries in all life-cycle.

Nano-Convergence Manufacturing Systems Research Division

The Nano-Convergence Manufacturing Systems Research Division aims to foster nano-convergence technology as a new future industry by developing the core technologies and conducting research for commercialization.

Department of Nano-manufacturing Technology

Research Topics

  • Technologies for high precision machining process and equipment
  • Technologies for micro/nanoscale imprinting·forming process and equipment
  • Technologies for Optomechanics based micro/nanoscale patterning and equipment

Major Achievements

Step - and - repeat nano - imprint lithography (NIL) system and processing technology

Nano-imprint system and process technology for forming patterns by UV or thermal curing repeatedly or in multiple layers on a large area substrate using a nano-patterned stamp that precisely moves in steps.

Department of Nano-Mechanics

Research Topics

  • Technologies for design·measurement·reliability evaluation of nano-structure
  • Technologies for equipments and manufacturing of nanomaterials and devices
  • Technologies for modular equipments and manufacturing of meta-structures

Major Achievements

Original technologies for roll – based transfer techniques and related equipment for the Micro - LED display

Original technology on the roll-based transfer techniques for transferring graphene and various nanomaterials, thin film devices (based on single-crystal silicon and other semiconducting composite, etc.) from a donor substrate to a flexible target polymer substrate.

Department of Flexible & Printed Electronics

Research Topics

  • Printing, coating, and patterning processes and equipment technologies
  • Core technologies for roll-based continuous production systems
  • Flexible·stretchable printed electronic device manufacturing technologies

Major Achievements

Roll - to - roll (R2R) fine pattern printing process and equipment technologies

Having a 1 ㎛ -grade of high precision micro-printing technology, it can manufacture cost-effective mass production of multi-functional devices such as flexible·stretchable displays, smart devices, and nano- thin film energy devices.

Department of Nature - Inspired System and Application

Research Topics

  • Design of nature-inspired structures·functions and application technologies
  • Fabrication of nanostructure-based functional surfaces and devices
  • Bioprinting and self-assembly process·system technologies

Major Achievements

Multi-functional nanostructure implementation technology based on nature-inspiration

The development of design and manufacturing technology of multi-functional nanostructure such as antireflection in visible range based on biomimic of moth eye, superhydrophobicity·color surface using nano-metal·functional metal-oxide hydrid materials, and selective IR reflection based on metal nano-patterning.