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Research AreasResearch Institute of Carbon-neutral Energy Machinery
List of Technologies

Research Institute of Carbon-neutral Energy Machinery

The Research Institute of Carbon-neutral Energy Machinery conducts energy technology development to establish a carbon-neutral energy supply chain. We conduct research on hydrogen liquefaction, liquid hydrogen storage and supply systems, high-efficiency eco-friendly heat pump systems, and high-capacity energy storage systems. In addition, we develop, evaluate the performance of, and certify thermo-fluid equipment, such as compressors, pumps, turbines, and heat exchangers, that are core components for these systems. As a national research institute, we also provide policy planning and development and industrial support for the development of a carbon-neutral energy supply system.

Liquid Hydrogen Technology Research Center

Research Topics

  • Liquid Hydrogen Technology Research Center · Liquid hydrogen system and core equipment technology
  • Liquid hydrogen-based energy supply chain technology
  • Energy production facility and renewable energy convergence technology
  • Plant operation and maintenance technology

Major Achievements

Hydrogen liquefaction plant process and core equipment

Hydrogen liquefaction; core components, such as cryogenic heat exchangers, turbo expanders, cold boxes, and liquid hydrogen storage tanks; and plant design, construction, and operation technologies.

Heat Pump Research Center

Research Topics

  • High-efficiency, eco-friendly heat pump system technology
  • Core heat pump components, including heat exchanger, technology
  • Applied heat pump and heat energy networking technology
  • Thermal processing and high-performance energy conversion technology

Major Achievements

High-temperature heat pumps and next-generation alternative refrigerants

The range of industrial heat pump applications is rapidly expanding to high-temperature areas, so the development of eco-friendly refrigerants is an urgent issue. The Heat Pump Research Center is developing a heat pump system capable of supplying heat up to 300 ºC and is leading the development of technologies, such as thermodynamic property measurement and safety evaluation technologies, that can be used to develop low-global-warming-potential refrigerants.

Department of Energy Storage Systems

Research Topics

  • Cryogenic energy storage systems
  • High-efficiency power and refrigeration cycle thermo-fluidic machinery
  • Cryogenic refrigeration and liquefaction systems
  • Turbomachinery

Major Achievements

Turbo-Bryaton refrigeration system

High-power cryogenic and ultra-low-temperature cooling technology to be used in superconductivity, clean energy, and semiconductor production applications. Core technology for zero-global-warming-potential high-power cooling systems.

LNG and Cryogenic Technology Center

Research Topics

  • Cryogenic systems and equipment
  • Cooling and demonstration technology of cryogenic system and liquid hydrogen
  • Evaluation and testing technology for cryogenic system and equipment y
  • KOLAS and KR certification for cryogenic system and equipment

Major Achievements

Cryogenic equipment performance evaluation system development and international certification

Developed and operated a performance evaluation system and acquired international KOLAS and KR accreditation for cryogenic equipment, such as cryogenic pumps, valves, heat exchangers, compressors, refrigerators, and re-liquefaction systems. Planning to design and build a hydrogen liquefaction plant and liquid hydrogen supply systems.