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Research AreasEnergy Systems Research Division
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Energy Systems Research Division

In the Energy Systems Research Division, researchers are developing the process and safety technologies for high performance and reliability of industrial energy systems and various plants in order to secure future energy. In addition, we are developing turbomachineries such as pumps, compressors, and steam & gas turbines, thereby advancing thermo-fluid components such as heat exchangers, reactors, and valves, and conducting certification tests for LNG & cryogenic systems along with the development of cryogenic cooling systems.

Department of Energy Conversion Systems

Research Topics

  • Cryocoolers, cryogenic cooling systems, and liquefaction systems
  • High efficiency fluid machinery
  • Gas turbine performance analysis and advanced cooling

Major Achievements

Low Vibration and Rapid Generation Cryopumps

Cryopumps are used to make ultra-high vacuum conditions in semiconductor equipment. KIMM reduced the vibration generated in cryopumps by 75 percent and increased their reliability by applying the newly developed two-stage pulse tube cryocooler while satisfying the rapid regeneration time of 60 minutes.

Department of Thermal Systems

Research Topics

  • Fundamental technologies for advanced thermal systems
  • Energy-efficient heat pump and HVAC systems
  • Heat exchangers, reactors, valves, sensors, and actuators
  • Large-scale gas production, liquefaction, and power generation cycles
  • Smart devices for energy conversion

Major Achievements

Highly Efficient Micro-channel Heat Exchanger

Micro-channel heat exchangers manufactured by diffusion bonding can be applied for thermal systems operated in the extreme conditions such as cryogenic, extremely high temperature, and high pressure due to its geometrical factor of the highest level of compactness. KIMM has developed the design, manufacturing, and testing technologies for micro-channel heat exchangers and transferred the technology to the industry.

Department of Plant Safety Technology

Research Topics

  • Plant safety design, safety equipment, and maintenance technology
  • Safety technology for renewable energy convergence systems
  • Plant big data and ICT convergence technology

Major Achievements

ICT Convergent Plant Maintenance Support System

The condition-based maintenance support system is a technology to maximize operational efficiency in thermal power plants. This is a convergence technology that combines ICT and mechanical engineering to construct a 3D technical information system for power plant equipment, a database system of failures, on-site maintenance support devices, and an integrated communications network.

LNG and Cryogenic Technology Center

Research Topics

  • Performance test and evaluation for LNG and cryogenic equipment such as pumps, valves, compressors, and heat exchangers
  • KOLAS certification of performance test and evaluation for the LNG and cryogenic equipment
  • Research and development on the LNG and cryogenic technology
  • Technological support for companies in the cryogenic field

Major Achievements

KOLAS certification of performance test and evaluation for the LNG pump