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Research AreasInnovative Energy Machinery Research Division
List of Technologies

KIMM Institute of Carbon Neutral Energy Machinery

The KIMM Institute of Carbon Neutral Energy Machinery conducts research on the proprietary technology and commercialization of core machinery for the production, conversion, storage and utilization of zero-carbon energy. As a national research institute, we also provide policy planning/development and industrial supports for the energy and environment areas.

Innovative Energy Machinery Research Division

The Innovative Energy Machinery Research Division conducts research on thermal-energy conversion utilization system, large-capacity energy storage system, hydrogen liquefaction and liquid hydrogen storage/supply system to secure future carbon neutral energy technologies.
In addition, we develop thermo-fluid equipment such as compressors, pumps, turbines, heat exchangers and valves that are core machinery for these systems, as well as conduct performance evaluation and test certification.

Department of Thermal-Fluid Machinery

Research Topics

  • Cryocoolers, cryogenic cooling systems, and liquefaction systems
  • High efficiency fluid machinery
  • Cryogenic Energy Storage Systems

Major Achievements

Technology for low-vibration cryopumps for fast regeneration

Reduction of pump vibration and enhancement of reliability by applying a self-developed pulse tube cryocooler to cryopumps to create a high vacuum environment for semiconductor production equipment.

Department of Thermal Energy Solutions

Research Topics

  • Heat pump and HVAC technologies for carbon-neutral thermal systems
  • Development of thermofluidic mechanical parts (heat exchangers, micro-reactors, sensors and actuators, etc.)
  • Thermal process technology of energy plants and energy storage systems

Major Achievements

High efficiency micro channel heat exchanger

Design, manufacturing, and evaluation technologies for performing stable and efficient heat transfer under extreme environments such as cryogenic, ultra-high temperature and pressure conditions.

Department of Energy Plant Technology

Research Topics

  • Energy plant and renewable energy convergence technology
  • Liquefied hydrogen system and equipment
  • ICT convergent plant safety technology

Major Achievements

Hydrogen liquefaction plant process and core equipment

Hydrogen liquefaction process, core equipment (cryogenic heat exchanger/turbo expander/cold box/ liquid hydrogen storage tank) and plant design-construction-operation technology development.

LNG and Cryogenic Technology Center

Research Topics

  • Performance test and evaluation technology for LNG and cryogenic equipment
  • KOLAS certificate for the performance evaluation system of LNG and cryogenic equipment
  • Research of LNG and cryogenic technology
  • Technological support for companies

Major Achievements

Performance evaluation system of core equipment for LNG carriers and plant

Korea’s first performance evaluation system of LNG and cryogenic equipment such as cryogenic pumps and valves, the core equipment for LNG carriers and plants.