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Research AreasBusan Machinery Research Center
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Busan Machinery Research Center

The Busan Machinery Research Center adds value to the mechanical part and material production industries by distributing laser processing, automotive part, and nuclear power plant safety technology to local companies and performing certification.

Department of Industrial Laser Technology

Research Topics

  • Laser beam processing application technology
  • Laser and electron-beam manufacturing technology
  • Dismantling laser systems
  • Industrial technology support and transfer

Major Achievements

Laser decontamination and underwater laser-cutting technology

Developed laser thermal cutting technology for safe nuclear decommissioning. A pressurized water tank capable of simulating an underwater environment over 10 m deep was developed to test and develop 100 mm-thick underwater laser-cutting technology. In addition, we are developing watertight equipment and decontamination and site monitoring technology for use in nuclear power plant decommissioning.

Department of Automotive Parts

Research Topics

  • E-powertrain and control algorithms
  • Water electrolysis cell and system development and evaluation
  • Technical support, performance development and evaluation, and certification for HEV, EV, FCEV, and their parts

Major Achievements

Platform-based vehicle applicability evaluation technology

Developed a performance evaluation test system for motors, inverters, reducers, and batteries while mounted on vehicles to strengthen the technological competitiveness of automobile parts in accordance with the increasing integration, modularization, and platformization of electric vehicle parts

Department of Nuclear Equipment Qualification and Safety

Research Topics

  • Nuclear equipment design, qualification, safety evaluation technology
  • Nuclear power plant decommissioning- and radioactive waste-related machinery technology
  • Defense, aviation, and shipbuilding reliability verification and engineering technology

Major Achievements

High-power plasma cutting technology

South Korea's first underwater or atmospheric high-output plasma cutting technology for of above 80 mm using the Schlieren technique, CFD analysis, and cutting process monitoring through vibration sensor measurement