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Research AreasBusan Machinery Research Center
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Busan Machinery Research Center

The Center has been developed as a machinery headquarter by building an infrastructure at innovation system and devepoling spreading advanced technologies. Machinery, automobiles, shipbuilding, and atomic related technologies are well-developed in the southeastern region of Korea. The center is founded to research and develop brand new advanced technologies for associated industries. The center has been providing a close support for sectors to industrialize and verify laser process technology, automotive parts technology, and nuclear equipment safety technology. Moreover, as a public research institute, the center has been contributed to the local communities by supporting local students to study and find a job related to science and engineering fields.

Laser Industrial Technology Research Group

Research Topics

  • High power laser processing and system technology
  • Laser processing industrial application
  • Commercialization technology using high energy beam

Automotive Parts Industrial Research Group

Research Topics

  • Automotive parts test evaluation and performance improvement technology
  • Development of core parts for automotive powertrain technology
  • Technical support and quality certification for automotive parts
  • Research capacity strengthening for automotive part industry

Nuclear Equipment Qualification & Safety Research Group

Research Topics

  • Nuclear equipment design, qualification, safety evaluation technologies
  • Nuclear decommissioning related technologies