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Research AreasBusan Machinery Research Center
List of Technologies

Busan Machinery Research Center

The Busan Machinery Research Center tries to achieve high added value in the mechanical parts and materials industry by distributing laser processing technology, automotive parts technology, and nuclear power plant safety technology to local companies and performing test certification support.

Department of Industrial Laser Technology

Research Topics

  • Development of laser processing technology
  • Development of high-energy beam processing technology
  • Design of laser optics modules and systems
  • Industrial technology support and transfer

Major Achievements

Multi - beam laser fusing system for highly functional thermal spray coating

Multi - beam laser fusing technology for manufacturing high -performance molds.

* Multi - beam laser fusing technology _Using a large area preheat beam, heat treatment beam combination and non - contact temperature control system as a homogenized laser heat treatment method enhanced the mechanical performance of the mold coating layer

Department of Automotive Parts

Research Topics

  • Eco-friendly powertrain & emission control technology
  • Electrized parts and control
  • Certification for automotive parts
  • Technical support for HEV, EV, FCEV and their parts

Major Achievements

Development and demonstration of after treatment system for transfer crane

After treatment system which reduce above 80% of PM and PN, 85% of NOx was developed and installed in the transfer crane of Busan port.

Department of Nuclear Equipment Qualification & Safety

Research Topics

  • Nuclear equipment design, qualification, safety evaluation technologies
  • Nuclear power plant decommissioning and radioactive waste related machinery technology

Major Achievements

Nuclear power plant severe accident simulation test technology

Establishment of evaluation standard of equipment survivability technology for the severe accident, based on the collaboration with nuclear power plant operation and design groups.