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Research AreasAdvanced Manufacturing Systems Research Division
List of Technologies

KIMM Institute of Manufacturing Systems

The KIMM Institute of Manufacturing Systems secures, accumulates, and spreads core equipment technologies and supports industries through the planning, development, and commercialization of core manufacturing equipment and parts for national strategic items.

Advanced Manufacturing Systems Research Division

The research division for Advanced Manufacturing Systems conducts various research on materials, processes, devices, measurement, and testing technology for the production of micro-scale precision products. The research is based on ultra-precision machining and patterning, control, design, and ICT convergence. The division is currently focused on the development of core technologies for manufacturing next-generation machining systems, semiconductors, displays, industrial robots, and general machinery.

Department of Ultra-Precision Machines and Systems

Research Topics

  • Design and manufacturing technologies for construction of ultra-precision mechatronic systems
  • Manufacturing equipment and process technologies for multi-functional flexible devices
  • ICT-convergence and intelligent design technologies for manufacturing systems

Major Achievements

Ultra-precision Machines for Machining Roll Surfaces to Manufacture Large-area Micro-patterned Optical Films

Using diamond turning, this ultra-precision machine generates micro-patterns of 20-100㎛ on the 2m-long roll for forming optical films used in the back light unit (BLU) in LCDs. The technology has been transferred to a company that has generated 12 billion KRW in sales revenue so far.

Department of Laser & Electron Beam Technologies

Research Topics

  • Laser and electron beam materials processing and system technology
  • Measurement and diagnosis technology based on laser and electron beam
  • Smart design technology for laser materials processing

Major Achievements

Real-time Synchronization between a Scanner and a Stage for High-speed and High-precision Laser Machining of Large-area Substrates

This is the core technology enabling real-time synchronization between a laser scanner and a stage, which is important for laser micro-machines. This technology enables high-speed and high-precision processing (cutting, drilling, etc.) of large-area substrates such as flexible PCBs and display panels.

Department of Robotics and Mechatronics

Research Topics

  • Advanced industrial robot technology
  • Human-Robot Cooperation Technology
  • Highly efficient actuator and sensor technology

Major Achievements

Dual-arm Robot for Cell-based Production System to Assemble IT Products

A dual-arm robot was developed to conduct packing and assembling parts in a cell-based production system for IT products such as mobile phones and car audio assembly lines. This technology can reduce human errors to achieve higher productivity and precision in labor-intensive industries.

Department of 3D Printing

Research Topics

  • 3D printing process & system development
  • DfAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing)
  • 3D printing based hybrid manufacturing

Major Achievements

Metal 3D printing system for large parts manufacturing and repair

Metal 3D printing system can make high performance parts and perform performance improvement repair through metal additive manufacturing process that maximize the performance of mold, defense, aviation and power generation products.