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Research AreasAdvanced Manufacturing Systems Research Division
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KIMM Institute of Manufacturing Systems

The KIMM Institute of Manufacturing Systems conducts research on the original technology and commercialization for manufacturing equipments, focusing on the smart advanced-manufacturing equipments for existing key industries as well as on the nano-convergence-based new future industrial manufacturing equipment. We also develop policies for the manufacturing equipment and support industries in all life-cycle.

Advanced Manufacturing Systems Research Division

The Advanced Manufacturing Systems Research Division conducts research for manufacturing innovation based on ultra-precision positioning technology, energy beam processing technology, ultra-light high-power actuator, and additive convergence manufacturing technology. The technologies developed through this process form the core of manufacturing equipment such as next-generation processing systems, semiconductors, displays, 3D printing system, and general machinery.

Department of Ultra-Precision Machines and Systems

Research Topics

  • Design and process technologies for ultra-precision machining systems
  • IT-convergence and virtual simulation technologies for intelligent manufacturing equipment
  • Manufacturing equipment and process technology for next generation electronic devices

Major Achievements

Ultra - precision roll lathe to produce large -area micro - patterned optical films

Representative example of commercialization in Korea’s ultra-precision machine industry as equipment to produce large-area micro-patterned optical films.

Department of Laser & Electron Beam Technologies

Research Topics

  • High power laser core modules and integrated system technology
  • Laser • electron beam processes and system technology
  • Optical measurement • diagnostic process and system technology

Major Achievements

Real - time synchronization between a scanner and a stage for high - speed and high - precision laser machining of large - area substrates

Core technology enabling real-time synchronization between a laser scanner and a stage, which is important for laser micro-machines. This technology enables high-speed and high-precision processing (cutting, drilling, etc.) of large-area substrates such as flexible PCBs and display panels.

Department of 3D Printing

Research Topics

  • Development of 3D printing core modules, systems and processes
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) and evaluation
  • 3D printing based convergence manufacturing

Major Achievements

Metal 3D printing system and process for large parts manufacturing and repair to improve functional performance of the products

Improving the functionality of press mold and defense parts through the development of metal 3D printing system and process technology.