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Research AreasMechanical Systems Safety Research Division
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Mechanical Systems Safety Research Division

The Mechanical Systems Safety Research division concentrates on the development of core technologies for the design and engineering of large and complex mechanical systems, integrated systems technology, and new mechanical systems, using safety and reliability technologies. Its main research areas include urban or high-speed magnetically-levitated trains, wind turbine systems, dynamic modeling and simulation (M&S), and control technologies, as well as safety and reliability technologies for mechanical and structural systems.

Department of System Dynamics

Research Topics

  • Modeling and simulation for acoustics, vibration, and shock analysis
  • Rotor dynamics and tribology
  • Condition monitoring, diagnosis, and prognosis for mechanical systems
  • Dynamic analysis • control and evaluation technology for complex mechanical systems
  • Improvement of integrated survivability of naval vessels
  • Immersive spatial sound technology for digital transformation

Major Achievements

Artificial intelligence - based diagnosis • prognosis and damage management technology

Development of Al-based technology for predictive maintenance and damage management for industrial plants.

Naval ship survivability enhancement design

Development of integrated survivability analysis and assessment processes to reduce susceptibility and vulnerability, and increase recoverability of naval ships.
Applied and contributed to the survivability design improvement of ROKN ships.

Department of Smart Industrial Machine Technologies

Research Topics

  • Off-road autonomous driving and operation
  • Virtual testing for autonomous systems
  • High-speed and lightweight drivetrain
  • Structural safety and optimization

Major Achievements

Autonomous driving of agricultural tractor

A low-cost sensor-based cm-level position and orientation estimation method for self-driving tractor was developed, and a digital twin-based virtual test secured the safety and reliability of the autonomous system prior to the field test.

Department of Reliability Assessment

Research Topics

  • Development of reliability assessment system • reliability standards
  • Accelerated life test design, failure analysis and prognostics, system reliability prediction technology
  • General performance, environmental, safety and life test
  • Development of CPS-based unified • autonomous technology for digitalization of reliability engineering
  • Engineering for the reliability improvement in the overall life cycle of emerging industry products

Major Achievements

Technology for acquiring reliability – based competitiveness of domestic mechanical and mechatronics parts • equipments

Total technology-support services ranging from reliability assessment, analysis and certification are being provided, as well as the unified autonomous reliability engineering platform technology developed to achieve CPS-based digital unification • autonomy of reliability technology.