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Research AreasEco-friendly Energy & Environment Research Division
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Eco-friendly Energy & Environment Research Division

The Eco-friendly Energy & Environment Research Division conducts research on high-efficiency, clean energy production technologies to reduce air pollution, slow global warming, and address other environmental issues. Our division develops core technology for various applications, including air and water treatment, gas turbines, engines, and combustors. We also develop highly efficient and environmentally friendly power generation systems based on these technologies for future use.

Department of Urban Environment Research

Research Topics

  • Reduction and exposure control technology for air pollutants such as fine particles, hazardous gases, and bio-aerosols
  • Advanced water purification and wastewater treatment technology
  • Urban, low-carbon, building-integrated vegetation technology

Major Achievements

Dry-type fine particle removal technology using electrostatics

Novel electrostatic fine particle reduction technology using microfiber dischargers and dielectric collectors that generate little ozone and can be cleaned with compressed air to shorten cleaning time.

Department of Carbon-free Power Generation

Research Topics

  • Zero-carbon power generation system digitalization
  • High-efficiency, zero-carbon power generation systems
  • Fuel cell and electrolysis stacks and systems
  • Gas turbine combustor design, testing, and certification

Major Achievements

Low-emission gas turbine combustor for large-scale industrial power plants

Developed South Korea’s first commercialized gas turbine combustor for use large-scale power plants that has better fuel mixing than older technologies and prevents combustion instability through burner design.

Department of Resources Recirculation Research

Research Topics

  • Biomass and waste chemical recycling and energy recovery
  • Resource conversion using waste-plastic pyrolysis and H2 generation technology
  • High-efficiency hazardous waste incinerator technology
  • Wastewater treatment and battery recycling

Major Achievements

Demonstration-scale bio-crude oil production plant

A reactor with a novel tilted-slide design that produces bio-crude oil by fast pyrolysis of biomass, such as coffee grounds, with a feeding capacity of 5 tons/day.

Department of Eco-friendly Mobility Power

Research Topics

  • Carbon-free fuel mobility systems
  • Mobility exhaust and non-exhaust emissions after-treatment systems
  • Carbon-free fuel supply and reforming systems
  • Low-temperature fuel cell technology
  • Waste heat recovery and utilization technology

Major Achievements

H2 direct-injection engine

Developed a 100% hydrogen combustion engine using a high-pressure hydrogen direct-injection system. This engine can achieve high efficiency throughout its operating range and reduce CO2 emissions by 99% and particulate matter emissions by 90%.