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Ultra–precision Machining Technology for Micro/Nano Pattern Mold Core

Division Nano-Convergence Manufacturing Systems Research Division > Department of Nano Manufacturing Technology
Name Dr. Tae-Jin Je, Dr. Doo-Sun Choi
Department Department of Nano Manufacturing Technology
Tel +82 - 42 - 868 – 7142
E-mail jtj@kimm.re.kr, choids@kimm.re.kr
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Technology to manufacture ultra-fine micro/nano pattern metal core required mandatorily to improve the special functions of high-performance advanced products based on ultra-precision machining technologies (turning, planing, end milling, indentation machining) with nano-level precision.


Client / Market

  • Advanced core components market such as optical elements for advanced display (LCD/LED, OLED, AR/VR) and solar energy, meta structure, hologram, optical lens and optical communication, high-performance core element for medical/bio and mechanical component


Necessity of this Technology

  • The demand from various advanced industries for high performance ultra-precision fine patterned components are rapidly increasing. However, the foundation technologies of ultra-precision machining technology for fine pattern are weak to effectively handle such demands.
  • To achieve with performance advancement of high-quality products and the demands for high-performance products required for next-generation advanced industries, a high-efficiency micro-pattern mold core machining technologies based on ultra-precision machining technology of nano level is required.


Technical Differentiation

  • Possible to manufacture various high-quality, high-profile micro-pattern from a few dozen nanometers to a few hundred micrometers required depending on properties and functions of core devices.
  • Possible to manufacture an ultra-precision micro-pattern mold core to cope with roll-to-roll process, injection molding, and press forming required for mass production of high-performance advanced products
  • Possible to apply integrated machining technology such as micro/nano complex shapes and high-dimensional shapes and fabrication of micro-pattern having irregular shapes and arrangement that can be utilized for next-generation advance industries


Excellence of Technology

  • Ultra-precision machining technology on large area micro pattern roll mold for optical film manufacturing.
    - The mold core for ultra-precision groove patterns, random stepped profile surface, lenticular patterns of several dozen nanometer to several dozen micrometer level for optical film manufacturing

  • Ultra-precision indentation machining technology for irregular lens array patterned mold core to improve light diffusion property.
    - Irregular lens array machining technology with minimum diameter of 15 μm and maximum fill-factor of 50%
    - Light diffusion property improved up to 12 times

  • Ultra-precision cutting technology with 3-directional crossing micro pattern largearea mold core for high-brightness retro-reflection property
    - Intersecting point error within 1 μm, pattern shape error within 1 μm

  • Mold core machining technology of micro pore lens array pattern for structural color revelation
    - Micro/nano patterning technology for structural color revelation using mechanical/chemical integration machining

  • Array pattern machining technology for aspheric, high aspect ratio paraboloid condensing lens mold
    - Solar energy short-circuit current density enhanced by 10% with increased lightharvesting effect

  • Ultra-precision machining technology of micro slit array for a meta-surface
    - Ultra-precision micro slit array machining with shape error within 1 μm and position error within 1 μm
    - Realizing a meta-surface to converts longitudinal wave into transverse wave
  • Micro end milling technology of optical patterns for realizing 3D image


Current Intellectual Property Right Status

  • Processing Method for Aspheric Light Guide Plate Mold (KR1630021)
  • Method for Manufacturing Working Tool of Mold for Manufacturing Optical Film (KR1767311)
  • Method for Designing Random Dot Pattern and Method for Manufacturing Lens Array Member (KR2017-0142784)
  • Micro Pattern Machining Method Using Tool Angle Control (KR1474974)
  • Pattern forming roll machining system and micro pattern formation method
  • Discontinuous micro pattern formation device using indenter and the method
  • Micro wave pattern machining system and method
  • Stepped shape, right/left or top/bottom direction micro pattern design and machining technology
  • Cutting tool design technology for micro pattern machining/measurement analysis and performance evaluation technology of micro pattern