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High–performance Compressor/ Blower Technology

Division Innovative Energy Machinery Research Division > Department of Thermal Energy Solutions
Name Dr. JeongMin Seo
Department Department of Energy Conversion Systems
Tel +82 - 42 - 868 - 7541
E-mail jmseo@kimm.re.kr
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Compressors and blowers are key elements that generate gas flow
or pressure rise in gas turbine, industrial process and household

Compressor design (aerodynamic, structure, cooling, vibration,
mapping) to satisfy the target performance under various operating
conditions and testing technology

Compressor performance assurance and performance estimation
in design and off-design conditions


Client / Market

  • Gas turbine manufacturer/user company
  • Industrial process or general use compressor and blower manufacturer/user


Necessity of this Technology

  • Multidisciplinary technology is required (design: aerodynamics, structure,
    vibration, heat transfer/manufacture: material, tolerance management, assembly/
    performance test: apparatus, measurement standard, data measurement and
  • Product development requires a lot of research experience, and it is difficult to
    introduce a new technology to this long-lasting area of study.
  • There are many cases of multi-product small volume production that needs to be
    newly developed to meet the requirements of users. The impact of technological
    power on related industries is great, and there is a continuous demand for product
    development for new fields.


Technical Differentiation

  • Technology and process for entire cycle of compressor development except for
    manufacturing-cycle analysis, layout design, sizing, 3D CFD, 3D shape formation,
    production and assembly, and performance test, etc.-has been secured internally.
  • Actions for each technology stage such as performance interpretation and analysis,
    optimal shape design, and product performance test are performed.

Excellence of Technology

  • Equipped with 20 years of experience in developing high performance compressors
    and blowers for various purposes
  • Equipped with various S/W for meanline design, 3D geometry formation, and 3D
    CFD analysis

Current Intellectual Property Right Status

  • Compressor design technology and compressor performance securing/estimation
    at design/off-design points
  • Various analysis techniques: Multistage performance analysis and unsteady
    simulation, shape optimization, RGP (real gas property, refrigerant, supercritical
    property) analysis, heat transfer analysis (cooling structure, motor heating),
    structural analysis (structure–aerodynamics interaction analysis)
  • Detailed drawing and production and assembly: Material, tolerance management,
    2D/3D component drawing and assembly drawing
  • Performance test: Performance test loop design, performance measurement
    complying with international standards
  • Rotor design and manufacturing: Rotor-dynamic analysis, shafting design, bearing
    and seal selection/design, precision balancing, rotation safety secured