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High–efficiency Hydraulic Turbine Technology

Division Innovative Energy Machinery Research Division > Department of Thermal Energy Solutions
Name Dr. Ilsu Yoo
Department Department of Energy Conversion Systems
Tel +82 - 42 - 868 - 7878
E-mail isyoo@kimm.re.kr
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Total periodic technology for Francis and Kaplan turbine development
including engineering analysis, hydraulic design, and design
verification for improvement of power generating efficiency.


Client / Market

  • Hydraulic turbine design and development company
  • Small hydropower generation company
  • Public hydraulic turbine operation enterprise


Necessity of this Technology

  • Globally, the percentage of energy production by hydraulic turbine is high.
    (hydroelectric power accounting for 16% of world electric power generation)
  • There is an Increased demand for localized technology development for improving
    technology competitiveness of the domestic hydraulic turbine technology.
  • The independence of domestic hydraulic turbine design technology is needed to secure
    technical competitiveness and accomplish renewable energy independence ability.
  • High-efficiency hydraulic turbine design technology is required to improve
    generation efficiency improvement.


Technical Differentiation

  • Equipped with fluid machinery-related R&D experience accumulated over 20 years
  • Equipped with total periodic technology required for hydraulic development from
    design, production, to verification
  • Equipped with fluid mechanics and structural mechanics-linked design technology
    and manpower


Excellence of Technology

  • Equipped with record of designing a high-efficiency 50 MW Francis runner

  • Improved the efficiency and reliability of hydraulic turbine to the level of advanced
    countries by applying the structural analysis/flow analysis and performance test


Current Intellectual Property Right Status

  • Francis runner design technology
  • Hydraulic turbine model composition design and production technology
  • Rotor dynamics technology
  • Structural analysis/flow analysis technology
  • Performance test technology