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2D Heat Flux Gauge Block

Division KIMM Institute of Carbon- neutral Energy Machinery > Department of Thermal Energy Solutions
Name Dr. Jungho Lee
Department Department of Energy Conversion Systems
Tel +82 - 42 - 868 - 7986
E-mail jungho@kimm.re.kr
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Measuring the surface heat flux during cooling/quenching process for steelmaking


Client / Market

  • Extreme environment sensor, steelmaking company

Necessity of this Technology

  • In TMCP (Thermo-Mechanical Controlled Process) steel production, the direct contact measurement of the surface heat flux during steel cooling is very difficult due to a mixed steam and vapor droplets. The conventional high-temperature cooling experiment is used to measure the internal temperature of hot steel block that can be used only once.


Technical Differentiation

  • The two-dimensional high-temperature heat flux gauge block is made of SUS316 and SUS310S and is composed of 16 cartridge heaters and a bunch of thermocouples to measure the internal temperature during the cooling and/or quenching process for steelmaking industry. This heat flux gauge is enabled to measure the heat flux up to 1,000℃. The merit of this heat flux gauge block is that it is possible to use up to 10 times repeatedly. The heat flux measurement is achieved to solving the two-dimensional inverse heat conduction based on the measured internal temperatures.

Excellence of Technology

  • It consists of the first temperature measuring part with multiple measuring points
    along the thickness direction. The second temperature measuring part for measuring
    heat flux of the steel block in the radial direction is the special feature.


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