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High Temperature Steam Heat Pump Technology

Division KIMM Institute of Carbon- neutral Energy Machinery > Department of Thermal-Fluid Machinery
Name Dr. Ookjoong Kim, Dr. Chan Ho Song
Department Department of Thermal Systems
Tel +82 - 42 - 868 - 7326
E-mail ojkim@kimm.re.kr, sch@kimm.re.kr
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Heat pump technology including the cycle design/analysis, heat exchanger design/manufacturing, and compressor performance assessment technology for heat pump system generating high temperature steam over 120℃


Client / Market

  • Existing boiler, heating market and industrial sectors that require high temperature steam, such as drying and food process


Necessity of this Technology

  • Generating steam using heat pump instead of conventional boiler to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emission
  • Technology that actively utilize renewable and waste heat of surroundings
  • A technology recently commercialized in advanced countries; necessary to develop a very high level technology of world best through active investment and intensive R&D
  • Heat energy network technology using high temperature thermal storage-steam heat pump system that resolves the heat energy supply and demand mismatching problem


Technical Differentiation

  • Existing heat pump system could be operated to discharge water temperature of 80 to 90℃, but this technology includes design and related technology for generating steam of 120℃ or higher


Excellence of Technology

  • Design and manufacturing of heat exchanger using new refrigerant (R245fa)
    - Development of correlation between sensible and latent heat; design procedure establishment of actual scale heat exchanger
  • Development of oil-less refrigerant compressor performance test apparatus for high temperature steam heat pump
    - Apparatus for testing performance of oil-less refrigerant compressor such as isentropic efficiency measurement, that using a gas cycle modifying the evaporation and condensation section for reducing the size of equipment

Current Intellectual Property Right Status

  • Steam generation heat pump cycle design technology
  • Compressor performance and reliability evaluation technology and testing method
  • Technology of correlation equation development for design of heat exchanger