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Low GWP Refrigerant Heat Pump Technology

Division Innovative Energy Machinery Research Division > Department of Thermal-Fluid Machinery
Name Dr. Ookjoong Kim, Dr. Dongho Kim
Department Department of Thermal Systems
Tel +82 - 42 - 868 - 7326
E-mail ojkim@kimm.re.kr, sch@kimm.re.kr
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Heat exchanger (evaporator) design technology for low GWP refrigerant, which is the alternative refrigerant of current HFC/ HCFC’s for global warming prevention


Client / Market

  • HVAC&R component and system business


Necessity of this Technology

  • Problem of Existing Technology
    - As the time for the HCFC’s refrigerant use restriction arrives, HFO’s refrigerants are being developed to replace HCFC, and relevant researches on performance and cycle development of HFO’s refrigerant is required.
    - Existing refrigerant are regulated for used from 2030.
  • Necessity
    - System performance estimation: Companies designing/manufacturing low GWP HVAC&R system require cycle design technology and performance estimation technology.
    - Development of heat exchanger for centrifugal chiller: Accurate design/manufacturing
    technologies are required based on actual heat transfer coefficient.


Technical Differentiation

  • Development of various refrigeration cycle performance prediction program
    including single/double compression cycle using low GWP refrigerant
  • Development of centrifugal chiller evaporator design program
  • Development of heat transfer enhanced tube for low GWP refrigerant with similar
    performance to those of advanced companies.


Excellence of Technology

  • Development of enhanced tube for flooded evaporator for low GWP refrigerant (R-1234ze(E) and R-1233zd(E))
  • Similar performance to overseas advanced product, and confirmed the quality of themass production process.

  • Centrifugal chiller evaporator design technology development: The prediction of heat exchanger performance is similar to the level of advanced design program.

Current Intellectual Property Right Status

  • Industrial Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Design Program (KR2017-011728)
  • Falling Film Type Centrifugal Chiller (KR2017-0053101)
  • Falling Film Type Centrifugal Chiller (KR2017-0053100)
  • Heat exchanger performance test facility production/operation
  • Refrigerant property-based thermodynamics cycle simulation