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Wet Electrostatic Precipitator Applied Heat Pump Technology

Division KIMM Institute of Carbon- neutral Energy Machinery > Department of Thermal-Fluid Machinery
Name Dr. Chan Ho Song
Department Department of Thermal Systems
Tel +82 - 42 - 868 - 7071
E-mail sch@kimm.re.kr
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Technology on fine dust handling air conditioning system with wet electrostatic precipitator and heat pump

Technology with the method of cleaning dust with water by ionizing dust in electric charging part and dust collector


Client / Market

  • Cooling, heating, HVAC market (duct type large air conditioning system)


Necessity of this Technology

  • Existing air conditioner removes fine particles through a filter that pressureloss is great with the filter, and the function of antimicrobial substances decline as time passes that regular filter replacement and quality control is needed.
  • This technology removes particles with the wet electrostatic precipitator with barely any pressure loss. Ionized antimicrobial substance maintains high antimicrobial efficiency and does not require dust filter replacement.
  • Also, natural humidification effect is occurred with the water film in collection plate.
  • Fine dust filtering in the existing heating and cooling heat pump system is done with a fine mesh (that is, a filter). Thicker filter means greater pressure loss, and the function of antimicrobial coating declines with time.
  • The wet electrostatic precipitator filters fine dust and brings an antimicrobial effect with the antimicrobial substance.N Without a mesh, pressure loss is small, and secondary pollution is prevented. There is also a natural humidification effect.


Technical Differentiation

  • This technology is special in a sense that a value was created by applying a wet electrostatic precipitator to the heat pump.
  • Since there is a drainage hose for a cooling and heating heat pump, it naturally discharges polluted water that filter replacement or cleaning is not required.


Excellence of Technology

  • It is the first domestic invention that combined heating, cooling, air conditioning device with wet electrostatic precipitator and antimicrobial function.
  • Dust collection efficiency of 95% is realized.

Current Intellectual Property Right Status

  • Air Conditioner with Humidity Control and Antimicrobial Function (KR1568103)
  • Air Purification Apparatus with Antimicrobial Function Based on Photoelectric Effect (KR2016-0170553)
  • Wet electrostatic precipitator for heat pump design technology
  • Heat pump system cycle design technology for wet electrostatic precipitator