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Biosensor Platform Technology for Ion Concentration Measurement

Division Daegu Research Center for Medical Devices & Robotics > Department of Medical Device
Name Dr. Kang-Ho Lee
Department Department of Medical Device
Tel +82 - 53 - 670 – 9027
E-mail kangholee6@kimm.re.kr
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A small, cheap real-time ion concentration measuring sensor platform with a disposable ion reaction channel and a structure for differential/single detection and amplification/offset compensation


Client / Market

  • Sensor and measurement device-related company in the medical, bio field (products requiring a cheap, small ion concentration measurement device)
  • Soil, water, food, beverage quality management-related company
  • Environment monitoring company for chemical product, oil and gas, waste and water treatment facility



Necessity of this Technology

  • Existing semiconductor-based ion concentration detection device uses an expensive sensor and has limits regarding its application for a disposable device.
  • Offset that occur while acquiring electrochemical reaction voltage lowers the accuracy of the detection and reduces the dynamic range available for detection.
  • Need a low-price semiconductor-based sensor platform with a separate reaction channel and a readout circuit for a one-time use
  • Need a method to effectively acquire differential signals to detect the real-time change in the ion concentration
  • Need a technology to automatically compensate for offset and adjust the amplification level


Technical Differentiation

  • With a separated reaction channel from the readout circuit, it is possible to use for disposable device.
  • Multiple independent transistors enhance the sensitivity in the detection of the membrane potential.
  • Can detect minute motion and change of ions and within a space with a specific amount of ions
  • Can selectively detect the differentia/single signal
  • Offset it automatically compensated while detecting the differential signal to enhance accuracy and expand the dynamic range.
  • Can enhance sensitivity by adjusting the amplification level of the differential signal


Excellence of Technology

  • Improved the dynamic range available for detection by 22.5 dB (=20 log[Vw/comp/ Vw/o comp]) using the automatic offset compensating feedback structure
  • The single and differential signal excellently detects target by ion concentration; Especially for the differential mode, by the offset automatic compensation, the same result is obtained regardless of the fluctuation of the reference voltage (1.2 V to 2.4 V).
  • The first small module to achieve detection by concentration in the DNA PCR (polymerase chain reaction) experiment




  • Method and Apparatus for Detecting Ion Concentration (KR1729685, US14/959, 001)
  • Differential Amplifier with Offset Correction Ability and Driving Method of the Same (KR2018-0018123)
  • Analog circuit design and module fabrication for electrical differential signal detection
  • Real-time feedback control technology with automatic offset compensation
  • Reactive electrode fabrication for ion detection
  • Small device fabrication technology for point-of-care