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Automatic Kinesimeter – the ‘Smartization’ of the Human Exercise Devices

Division Daegu Research Center for Medical Devices & Robotics > Department of Medical Robotics
Name Dr. Yongkoo Lee
Department Department of Medical Assistant Robot
Tel +82 - 53 - 670 – 9021
E-mail woohs@kimm.re.kr
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Mechanical ICT integration-customized quantitative exercise management platform technology


Client / Market

  • Ordinary person, patient needing remedial exercise, sports goods maker, fitness gym, sports facility, hospital



Necessity of this Technology

  • In some cases, a trainer or sports curer directs and records exercises when exercising at gyms or hospitals, but most of the time, a person randomly decides on the type and quantity of exercise without a systematic management.
  • It is difficult to record how and how much a patient with an exercise prescription exercised properly.
  • High-priced automatic exercise equipment with a kinesimeter are being released, but due to inconvenient use and a high price, they are not supplied to general sports facilities.


Technical Differentiation

  • At a low cost, a systematic and precise exercise management is possible.
  • The public and professional athletes and patients needing remedial exercise can exercise with a systematic exercise prescription and treatment at a community sports facility.
  • The records of exercise can be used as motivation.
  • This device can be attached to an existing sports equipment when needed.
  • By linking with the member management system, the members can check their exercise history online on their own and receive additional coaching.
  • Can be provided with a customized exercise coaching program from professionals all over the world
  • Professionals, as supplier of exercise coaching programs, can establish reputation and promote their business and related products.
  • Extensive data on exercise programs by race, age, stamina, body type, medical history and sports and the actual result of exercise performance can be used for academic, commercial purposes.
  • Most of existing automatic kinesimeters are built inside the sports equipment, but this technology allows the device to be attached on various equipment to utilize existing infrastructure.
  • There are many kinesimeters for aerobic exercises using u-health technology, but there are barely any kinesimeters for machine exercises.


Excellence of Technology

  • Developed a sensor module and a wireless transmission for autonomous weight exercise equipment like dumbbells and machine exercises as well as an application to operate the sensor
  • Verified the accuracy of the sensor module using the precision measurement equipment, and through the demonstration, successfully conducted an experiment of checking the prescription and execution of exercise real-time




  • Rehabilitation Exercise Managing System and Managing Method Using the Same (KR1510088)
  • Online Information System for Therapeutic Exercise (KR1570984)
  • Barbell Exercise Measuring Device (KR1551343)
  • Barbell for Managing Quantity of Exercise and Exercise Managing System Having the Same (KR1629723)
  • Tension Measuring Apparatus (KR1673146)
  • Tension Measuring Apparatus (KR1719573)
  • Device for Discriminating Dumbbell Exercise and a Method by Using the Same (KR1719572)