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Surface Hardening and Homogenization Technology for Metallic Materials Using High–power Diode Lasers

Division Busan Machinery Research Center > Department of Industrial Laser Technology
Name Dr. Su Jin Lee
Department Laser Industrial Technology Research Group
Tel +82 - 51 - 310 - 8133
E-mail leesj@kimm.re.kr
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Surface hardening and homogenization technology of metallic materials with high-power diode lasers (beam dimension: 20-2500 mm2)

Numerical computation and real-time control technology of optimum laser heat treatment temperature


Client / Market

  • Mold manufacturing and high-performance coating industry



Necessity of this Technology

  • Unlike conventional heat treatment technology, it is possible to selectively harden and homogenize the surface of molds
  • Maximization of durability for various die molds under demanding service environment


Technical Differentiation

  • KIMM Laser Industrial Technology Research Group has a high-power (4, 8 kW) diode laser system together with key processing technologies of laser surface hardening and homogenization
  • The key processing technologies are combined with laser nitriding and special coating processes


Excellence of Technology

  • Laser nitriding: In the case of mold steels, the surface hardness can be improved by 200% linked with the formation nitriding layer
  • In laser homogenization treatment for HVOF sprayed coating, it is confirmed that inherent defects (pore, macrosegregation) are removed as compared with the assprayed



  • Key processing technology of surface hardening and homogenization with highpower diode lasers (beam dimension: 20 to 2500 mm²)
  • Metallurgical analysis and mechanical testing after surface hardening and homogenization treatment