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Laser Chock Peening Technology for Surface Hardening and Residual Stress Control for Metallic Materials

Division Busan Machinery Research Center > Department of Industrial Laser Technology
Name Dr. Su Jin Lee
Department Laser Industrial Technology Research Group
Tel +82 - 51 - 310 - 8133
E-mail leesj@kimm.re.kr
Attachment Download 162_Laser_Chock_Peening_Technology_for_Surface_Hardening_and_Residual_Stress_Control_for_Metallic_Materials.pdf (2.0 KB)

Laser shock peening technology: Surface hardening and optimization of residual stress for metallic materials by pulsed laser irradiation

Laser shock peening improves fatigue performance, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance of high-precision component used in shipbuilding/offshore, automobile, and plants → Improve durability and service life of corresponding component


Client / Market

  • High durability and high precision metal machine parts in defense and plant industries



Necessity of this Technology

  • Laser Shock Peening is a key technology capable of controlling residual stress as well as hardening with local nano-scale plastic deformation behavior.
  • Laser shock peening technology is a non-heating process that does not change the dimension of the metal surface.
  • In mechanical parts of defense and plant industries, it is often used in extreme environments for a long period → Maximizing the performance of machine parts by can be achieved by Laser Shock Peening technology


Technical Differentiation

  • KIMM Laser Industrial Technology Research Group has the laser shocking peening technology and its system that can be connected with the robot and stage modes.
  • KIMM Laser Industrial Technology Research Group has basic research DB and related core process for laser shock peening technology


Excellence of Technology

  • As the result of the laser shock peening, 200% of abrasion resistance improvement was achieved for Cu alloys



  • Core technology of laser shock peening system development
  • Metallurgical analysis and mechanical testing technology