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Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials PR Film
Ever since the foundation in 1976... 

our innovative mechanical technology research led 

the miracle of industry 

and to South Korean economy, 

it has been the cornerstone.



New future

Mechanicl technology for the people. 

Mechanical technology for the world. 

Mechanical technology for the better future.

Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials

We will discover!

Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of Wind Turbine
Vibration Reduction Technology of Rotating Machinery
Electrostatic Technology for Removal of PM2.5 Particles from Thermal Power Plants
High-efficiency Fuel Cell Hybrid Power Generation System
Plasma Technology for Clean Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes
Low-carbon Gas Engine

Technology for Total Ship Survivability Enhancement
Emergency Response Training VR Simulator
Advanced Fire Fighting Equipment
Magnetic Train Technologies
Automated System Technology for Rapid Disease Diagnostics
Medical Assistive Robot Technology
Robot-assisted Remote Ultrasound Diagnostic System

We will create!

Metal 3D Printing
Dual-arm Robot for Packing and Assembling IT Products
Precision Stage for Semiconductor·LCD Equipment and Machine tools
Ultra-Precision Hybrid Machining System
Design and Performance Test of Hydraulic Turbomachinery
Laser Micro Patterning Machine for Wide Area and free form Surface Objects
Application & Support of Laser Processing
Accelerated Life Test and Engineering Support for Reliability Improvement
High Efficiency Thermal Energy Systems
Performance Test and Evaluation for the LNG and Cryogenic Equipment

We will challenge!

Artificial Muscle for Human-like Robots
Roll-to-Roll System for Printed Electronics
Micro-LED Display Manufacturing Technology Based on Roll Transfer Process
3D Bio-Printing Technology
Mobile Machining System
Nature-Inspired Manufacturing Technology
Electronic 3D Printer (Metal + Polymer)
Roll-based Nanoimprint Lithography System